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We're more than just a travel agent… Fully Ready is a FULL race support package.

There are so many race destinations around the world these days, what better way to combine your love for racing and travel (plus keep your significant other happy) than book a race overseas or interstate. 

You get to experience a new place and culture, race outside your comfort zone and possibly qualify for the World Championships.

With the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Taupo (NZ) in 2020 plus the holy grail of triathlon, the Ironman World Championships in Kona, our backyard - the Pacific is probably the greatest racing region in the world right now.

Why You’ll NEVER race solo again







One of the founders of Fully Ready absolutely loves travelling to race, but misses that feeling of the home crowd when she does, of people being there to support her during and around the race. Plus she also struggled with some logistics overseas and wasn't able to find appropriate recovery services away from home (Google aint everything!)

Nothing beats the feeling of being a part of something bigger, and when you race with Fully Ready you will be a part of our community for the whole race weekend. We will look after all of your needs in and around the race as well as your support crew on race day. You can race your heart out and know your partner is being looked after, fed and in the best position to spot you out on course.

For not much more than the price of transport, our Fully Ready Packages look after everything you need over race weekend, so you can maximise your race potential and recovery.

You have done the hard yakka, now let us make race week the most enjoyable it can be, for you and your support crew.

With online flight bookings plus hotels and Airbnb at our fingertips it’s easy enough to book our own race transport/accomodation… But what happens once you arrive at the destination, bike in tow?

Is anyone there to pick you up from the airport or do you battle the bike bag in the taxi queue? 

Who will give you a course tour and show you the ins and outs and what to beware of out there? 

How will you know a good masseur to book for after the race?

Where is the nearest place to get groceries?

Where is the best place for pre race coffee?

Where will your partner and children cheer for you while you race all day? 

How will you get to gear bag or bike drop off?

Are you travelling to China to qualify for Kona? Do you speak Chinese? 

I just used Google translate on the menu in China and all I can see is intestines…

Somebody. Anybody. Help. Please? 

Are you from a rural or regional part of Australia and looking to race in one of the major cities but don't know where to begin? Car hire or shuttle bus, bike mechanic, groceries… Let alone being in the big smoke racing all by yourself!

What if something goes wrong and you end up in the medical tent?

We can not begin to predict all the things that could happen on race week… And of course we would hope nothing bad happens and everything goes smoothly. But as athletes ourselves we know how valuable it is to have a support crew around you, especially for important races you have put your heart and soul into training for… Which is why we created Fully Ready.

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