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are our specialty


We make electrical stimulation systems available to all our athletes to maximize recovery efforts post race. 

Recovery and massage settings are likely to speed and enhance recovery, but individual requirments may vary.

We provide MUSCLE STIMULATION setups to support recovery

Ice Therapy

Ice therapy has proven itself time an time again to be one of the best things for endurance athletes immediately post race.

Thats why we have them at the finish line.

Fully Ready athletes have access to immediate ice baths on finishing their race.

Ice - It works


Fully Ready brings elite technology compression boots to your accomodation, or post race location. 

We recommend compression boots the night before/ immediately after endurance races to maximise race potential and reduce inflammation and speed recovery post race.

We use and trust reboots compression systems

Bath Kit

Fully Ready provides SoakLab athlete grade magnesium salts to all athletes as a part of the Fully Ready recovery kit. 

We recommend using the Magnesium Soak nights before and also post race.


Sponsored by SOAKLAB

Australian owned and operated


Whether you're on our basic or elite packages, Fully Ready provides massage at different points in your event.

We use high quality massage guns and also organise in location relaxation massage for your taper phase or remedial massages for your recovery phase.

Massage booking + cost included in some packages


The physical preparedness requirement is often focussed on.

And rightly so. But Fully Ready relives the toll that the organisational and administration planning takes on you mentally.

Fully Ready organises your transport, accomodates for your family members during the race and provides a safety net for you to fall back on should anything go wrong. 

Enter the race at 100%.

Leave the details to us, and you'll have the race of your life.

mind ready