Spartan Oberon NSW

When: 07 March 2020

What: Mega Saturday Combo Opportunity

Spartan Race's 1st big event of the year

How: Recovery will be everything

Basic $99



Complete $199



Spartan Race is coming to NSW like never before. The first BIG race of the season hits Oberon, Regional NSW in March. 

Oberon is a beautiful mountainous town set approx 3 hrs West of Sydney.

Fully Ready obstacle racers flying into Sydney will recieve return shuttle from the Airport out to Oberon on the Friday, and back again on the Sunday, thats 3hrs of rested feet, and 3 hrs of earned sleep on the way back.  

As a combo race, racers will be preparing themselves to participate in 2 distances on the same day.

This is going to take a huge toll on both their musculoskeletal and nervous systems. 

Recovery will be key. 

Thats where we come in.

Fully Ready will be throwing all our recovery systems at this race, with ice bath, recovery boots, evening bath salts, and other sponsored products all at the disposal of our athletes. 

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